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Q. How do Stress Management Programs like Yoga increase productivity, efficiency and job performance?

“Yoga, in its full spectrum approach to balance and health on all levels utilizes the body, breath, mind, and subtle energetic systems in a synergistic whole.

Yoga is not just physical; it is an ethical, conscious, aware and holistic approach to life. The Sanskrit word, yoga literally means yoke or union so when yoga neophytes say, “Do more Yoga!” That’s like saying, “Do more union!”  We don’t DO yoga. We are either in yoga or we are not. We are either balanced or we are unbalanced.

Instead of doing more yoga, be in yoga.  Do more asana or meditation practice.  Actually treat your Self to the bliss of yoga nidra rather than just thinking about it and by all means expand your study of what yoga is in all of its fullness.

True yoga transforms how the mind, breath, body and emotions respond to stress in an interconnected dynamic.

Just as the body can learn a new standing posture that eventually becomes ingrained, so the mind can learn new thought patterns and ways of shifting awareness though meditation and yoga nidra.

Additionally with practice, the nervous system can learn to manage stress through breathing techniques called pranayama.

Over a period of re-training in a yogic holistic practice, when challenges arrive in any environment, they begin to flow through rather than overwhelm us. As a result, we become more conscious; efficient, clear, balanced and compassionate rather than reactionary, numb, robotic or punitive.

At work and at home; in all aspects of our lives we become more productive, joyful, efficient and aligned as a result of being in yoga.”
~ Stacy Kamala Waltman, Meditation Master and Advanced Life Coach

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