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Written by:  Stacy Kamala Waltman
September26, 2010

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Before the heroes journey our laser sharp and strategic mind identifies and postulates experiences outside – intellectually, abstractly and compartmentalized.

Everything neatly in its place constricted, rigid and controlled by repetition and stale, lifeless air.

Synapse grooves deepen becoming more and more entrenched.  Caring for others only when payoff wafts and ego satiated.

Enter Grace; as miraculous intervention.  With veiled eyes her gifts are discarded; valueless.  Our sight on another horizon of glory.

Refusing the rebuke while turning up the heat, Grace stands firm remaining cloaked.  We begin the journey; unawares.  A reluctant traveler still holding on.

Tests accelerate; tackle once depended upon melts as we enter hot swampy depths; tar pits, shadow selves and skeletons abound.

Hell, this must be we decide.  How will we survive?  We can’t possibly deserve this wrath!  After all!…..but the ripening has begun in spite of accelerated protests.

Applying what we know, failing again and again.  We need to become firmer the past demands!  Take hold!  I AM in charge!

Constricting tightly, then inevitable shattering into slivered shards.

Yet Grace still there gently smiling, showers us with fresh new gifts; courage and vision.  A newer and richer life  reflected in those threads of glass.

Light cast in radiant hues.

Vulnerable, scared, hopeless yet brave; new unfamiliar tools slowly hammer within.

Awkwardness increases in direct proportion to vision, vast.  Yesterday’s certainty a dusty mirage.

Beginner’s mind congeals as we traverse this dark night.  Unsteady and staggering we forge anew.

Today’s discomfort fights yesterday’s certainty; battle raging in a field of ambivalence.  To the death each one cries!

One is annihilated, the other truly born.

Grace, like a firefly flickers again with encouragement seen only with vision, clear.

Emerging from the darkened swamp, demons vanquished, black wood drizzled with dappled light; knowledge transmuting.

Wisdom weaves then integrates into cellular memory, the decay giving rise to the bloom.  A blossom rare.

As seasons pass, compassion springs forth from these seeded fields, no longer feigned.

Allowing, letting go, surrendering into interconnectedness. ~

Copyright © 2010 (Stacy Kamala Waltman)

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It was six men of Indostan

To learning much inclined,

Who went to see the Elephant

(Though all of them were blind),

That each by observation

Might satisfy his mind.

The First approached the Elephant,

And happening to fall

Against his broad and sturdy side,

At once began to bawl;

“God bless me!  But the Elephant

Is very like a wall!”

The Second, feeling of the tusk

Cried, “Ho!  what have we here,

So very round and smooth and sharp?

To me ‘tis mighty clear

This wonder of an Elephant

Is very like a spear!”

The Third approached the animal,

And happening to take

The squirming trunk within his bands,

Thus boldly up he spake:

“I see, “ quoth he, “the Elephant

Is very like a snake!”

The Fourth reached out an eager hand,

And felt about the knee:

“What most this wondrous beast is like

Is mighty plain,” quoth he;

“Tis clear enough the Elephant

Is very like a tree!”

The Fifth, who chanced to touch the ear,

Said:  “E’en the blindest man

Can tell what this resembles most;

Deny the fact who can,

This marvel of an Elephant

Is very like a fan!”

The Sixth no sooner had begun

About the beast to grope,

Than, seizing on the swinging tail

That fell within his scope.

“I see, “ quoth he, “the Elephant

Is very like a rope!”

And so these men of Indostan

Disputed loud and long,

Each in his own opinion

Exceeding stiff and strong,

Though each was partly in the right,

And all were in the wrong!

So oft in theological wars,

The disputants, I ween,

Rail on in utter ignorance

Of what each other mean,

And prate about an Elephant

Not one of them has seen!


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Professional Transformational Life Coach and Spiritual Intuitive, Stacy Kamala Waltman who specializes in moving past grief in all areas of our lives and into Radical Forgiveness is holding a special teleseminar titled, “Upgrading Your Story”.

“We are a compilation of our stories – which are all untrue – yet the very fact that we repeat them and identify with them makes them very true for us.” ~ Stacy Kamala Waltman

The quality of our life is determined by two things: the level of awareness we bring to each situation and the content of the stories we focus upon. Since we are going to tell stories about our lives, let’s focus upon stories of our abundance and live from that place outward.

In order to do this, we have to retrain ourselves; sometimes daily, sometimes hourly, and often moment by moment because the stories we tell ourselves are embedded into our being on every level including the cellular level.

When we believe negative and self defeating stories about ourselves and draw “evidence” of their truth from our selective perceptions and interpretations, it is very difficult to change our experiences in the world. That is why it is so important to practice seeing with a different vision.  This seminar will help train you to look through and interpret life through a new life enhancing lens.

Having been on the spiritual path for over 30 years, Stacy Kamala Waltman brings clarity and a laser like precision to her courses honed through advanced study, living these principles and deep refinement.

This teleseminar will be a four week course held each Tuesday evening from 7:00 – 8:00pm PST, beginning on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 thru Tuesday, November 2, 2010.

This teleseminar event meets up via telephone and there will be some homework.

To calculate your time zone, please visit this resource:  http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock

Space is limited to the first 8 participants!

This four week series is only $88. 

To register, please visit the following PayPal link – this allows secure payment through all credit cards or via checking account:


Please email the PayPal confirmation page to:  ic@integrationcoaching.com so that we can send you the conference number and access code to this life changing teleseminar!

To your abundant happiness,

Stacy Kamala Waltman

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