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A Bridge

1.  The Gift of a Compliment:  A simple and sincere, “You look happy!”, “You radiate kindness!”, “That meal was delicious!, “I love laughing with you!”, “You make me smile”, “I noticed the amount of effort and care you put into our meal” ~ find a way to give the gift of a compliment, it can make someone’s day.

2.  The Gift of a Cheerful Disposition:  The easiest way to feel good is to extend a kind word or gesture to someone.  Look for the positive in every situation.  Give someone the benefit of the doubt.

3.  The Gift of a Written  Note:  It can be a simple, “Thanks for the help!” note, a full sonnet or a meaningful remembrance.  A brief, handwritten note from you may be cherished for a lifetime.

4.  The Gift of Seeing Someone in their Highest and Best Light:  Noticing when someone is doing something right, kind, helpful, thoughtful, selfless, or simply seeing them in this way in spite of evidence to the contrary, can add enormous benefit to a person’s well being.

5.  The Gift of Prayer:  Sending loving and healing prayers to the Divine for someone else’s benefit can heal in spite of physical, mental or emotional distance.

6.  The Gift of Laughter:  Clip cartoons. Share funny stories, books and movies to add lightheartedness to the lives of everyone involved.

7.  The Gift of Affection:  Be generous with appropriate hugs, kisses, pats on the back, handholding, caressing, stroking and reaching out to another.  These small actions demonstrate your love for family and friends.

8.  The Gift of Listening:  Really listen.  Resist interrupting, don’t daydream, don’t plan a retort or response.  Just listen and be fully present.  When we have this undivided and nurturing attention from another we feel seen.

9.  The Gift of Solitude:  There are times when we want nothing more than to be left alone.  Be sensitive to those times and give the gift of solitude without taking it personally.

10.  The Gift of a Favor:  Either ask what you can for someone to ease their day or simply open the door for the person entering a store and let them go in before you.  Give up your seat on the bus to someone who looks tired.  Decide to cull your closet of the items you don’t use, let go of items that bring up bad memories for you and donate them to charity.  Shovel snow off of your neighbors sidewalk or offer to mow their lawn.

11.  The Gift of Reading Aloud:  Gather your friends and/or family by the fire and take turns reading a story to one another.  Enjoy the give and take of being animated while reading and then sinking into comfort while its your turn to listen.

12.  Do Something Random and Kind for a Stranger:  Decide not to fight about who’s “owns” the lane on the freeway, just let the car next to you pass easily.  Flash your headlights to let them know it is safe.

 I would love to have you add to this list. 
Please contribute your thoughts about other priceless gifts we can give to one another for FREE!

Happy Holidays!


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Please spread the news and join a growing protest against the airing of a Fox TV program showcasing OJ Simpson’s new book, If I Did It.”

DON’T PAY OJ: http://www.dontpayoj.com

To send Fox TV an email please direct your correspondences to: askfox@foxinc.com

OJ Simpson was convicted in a civil trial. He got away with murder in the criminal trial.

For a person, convicted in a wrongful death trial, to be given a platform to laugh in the face of our justice system (civil and criminal) and to explain how “he would have murdered the mother of his two children and her friend if, he had strategically committed the crime” is frightening. To be able to receive significant financial reward from these types of indulgences, as in the case of OJ Simpson, is heinous.

How can Fox network and all of the participating bookstores learn that the American People do not want our intelligence and sense of fairness eroded any further by contributing to this madness? Please take a stand.

Many people will take action by directing correspondence to Fox demanding the canceling of this program as well as the removal of OJ’s book from bookstores. Please take action!

Additionally, please spread the word about the Goldman family website which specifically addresses this issue: http://www.dontpayoj.com

Thank you!


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The Bend Bulletin newspaper has premiered it’s new “U Magazine” and in its first publication has quoted several Life and Business Coaches, including me in the article, “Saving Me Time During the Holidays”.

Please enjoy: Bend Bulletin Article

Take care and slow down ~ especially during the holiday’s.


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Hi all,

I was just sent this fictitious email by someone impersonating eBay and PayPal. Since I did not make the purchase indicated in the email, the scam artists hoped that I would click on the link they’ve provided and fill in their rebuttal form with my credit card information. If I had filled in their form, this entity would have received all of my financial data.

If you receive email messages like this and you dispute them, please contact either eBay or PayPal directly and NEVER respond to an email asking you for your account information or any type of financial information.

To your well being!



Item Name: NEW Xbox 360 with 3 HOT
Sports Games Bundle Pack
Quantity: 1 Total: $399.95 USD Cart Subtotal: $399.95 USD Shipping Charge: $20.00 USD Cart Total: $419.95 USD…………………………………………………………………
Shipping Information

Shipping info: Sam Knecht
202 N Union St.
Saco, ME 04072
United States
Address Status: Unconfirmed

If you haven’t authorized this charge, click the link
below to cancel the delivery and get a full refound.

Dispute Transaction



One further note, please also notice that the word refund is misspelled above.

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