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Author:  Stacy Kamala Waltman



There are portals (doorways) everywhere my dream showed me last night.

Each portal will take us into a different reality.  We simply have to want to go into another actuality and then, remove all of the things that attach us to our current existence.

I stood in front of the closed door that would take me where I wanted to go and before opening the portal took off every piece of attachment to my current state that I did not want as if it were clothing.   

Finding it fascinating that while some things were easy to let go of, other, more subtle components were difficult to remove – testing how true my thoughts were that I wanted to move on into a different experience.  Yearning to be in a different pattern yet wanting to do or say one more thing regarding this attached situation before I would be able to let it go.  How committed was I to letting go of this mental pattern?

Would it always be like this – wanting to do or say one more thing – in a never ending vortex – always standing in front of a closed door on the edge of where I wanted to go – never crossing the threshold?  How many other patterns are gripping me in this same way?  I am dreaming and hope to remember this awareness when I wake up in the morning.  This dream is a lucid one.  The pieces are connecting in a picture puzzle and not hopping around like so many other dreams.  I will remember this one.

My higher self said, “Just let it go.  These things that you want to do now don’t matter in your new place. You don’t have to do or say anything to make an old situation right.  Wanting to do one more thing will always keep you engaged.  Stop the tendency now.  Just take off the last remnants of this situation and walk through the door.  You will have everything you need on the other side.  It’s not your job to worry.  Trust.  It is that easy.”   

Oh…this is the understanding or experience of the teachings I thought I understood.  This is beyond the intellect; the pure essence of that experience. 

I had thought I understood this concept before this dream and now realize that I had previously only understood its façade. 

We simply need to walk through the portal naked and on the other side there will be clothes for us to put on.  It is that simple.  We will be provided with everything we need.

My dream said, when you awaken, remove all traces of those things which are not bringing you joy.  Remove all of their energy from your current existence. 

If the things you need to eliminate from your life have monetary value, understand that monetary value is someone else’s valuation.  It is not yours.  It is erroneous.

My dream encouraged me to put a high price on the things which bring peace and have good memories.  Its message also said not to let anyone else tell me what has value!  Be more inner directed my dream said.

I had thought I had understood these lessons too but now see subtle areas where I have allowed outside influences to determine the value of some events. These hidden areas were beyond my radar – before this dream shed its light.

What can we let go of today that will allow us to walk through the portal(s) into our more elevated experience?




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