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So much information in the world focuses on lack.  What we don’t have and how we should improve ourselves can take center stage.  Often making New Year’s Resolutions focuses on our dissatisfaction’s with our current state of being and we can feel discouraged rather than empowered.

This year, in 2009, I invite you to make New Year’s Appreciations for what has been before launching into the future.  Make a list of all you have accomplished in 2008.  If your mind starts to inject a , “Yes, but……” decide to redirect your thoughts back to your magnificence.  It is your choice and within your power to chose the thoughts which are capturing your attention.  Allow your head to quiet and your heart to speak of your strengths.

Empower yourself to take pleasure in the grandeur of what you have experienced this past year.  Write down every LITTLE and big thing that you have done out of the ordinary in 2008.  Fill yourselves up with that fullness.  Turn off outside sources which are focusing on scarcity, lack and fear.  Fill yourselves up with how magnificent you are – this is your place of strength.

Every single one of you has done something outstanding this year.  Write these events down. Keep a journal.  Reflect on your greatness.  When your spiritual state is healthy, the future will unfold gracefully.

Now is the time to reconnect to prayer and meditation.  Allow 2009 to be the year when you  expand your spiritual path.

After you have fully grounded yourself into your past accomplishments in 2008, then go ahead and put your dreams for 2009 down onto paper.  Launch into 2009 grounded, from a place of fullness and gratitude.

With great love and respect,
Stacy Kamala Waltman


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