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Written by:  Stacy Kamala Waltman

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Having been away from San Diego for a long period of time I have seen it grow from a small charming Navy town to a large urban city. Its quaintness has been replaced with savvy smooth restaurants and nightclubs yet there is still a small sliver of small town appeal. As with all change, there is both good and bad with the new and many faces of evolution this city displays. My mom has been living in San Diego continuously for some time. She loves the town and its transformations except for the one she says is most glaring: the weather. She claims “June Gloom”, a phrase used for the marine layer which turns any summer day into a cold foggy soup, is no longer just one month out of 12 but rather lasts for longer stretches of time.

My mom and I were talking on the phone a few weeks ago and she said, “San Diego has now become the new San Francisco!” I ponder this statement and funnel it through my lens of observation; the level of sophistication the city now exhibits. “Yes, I say to myself, San Diego has become more of an international hub.” And in the course of my conversations with others, I repeat what my mother said, “My, how things have changed! San Diego has become the new San Francisco. It’s now so sophisticated.”

Several days later my mother and I were having lunch and she says again, “San Diego has become the new San Francisco!” I think I know what she is talking about. This time she adds though, “You know I don’t like the fog!” And I then realize she never intended to make a commentary on the level of sophistication the city now wears but was simply making a statement about its change of climate. Ha!

How many times do we think we know what the other person is intending to communicate? Sometimes we check in with them for clarification and at other times we just go along thinking we understand and are being understood. Our filters sift through information on a regular basis; categorizing and evaluating experiences based upon what’s in our consciousness at any given moment.

Keeping the mind open to alternatives is a skill developed with practice. Meditation is a useful tool to help train the mind away from this tendency to limit and categorize as is Yoga Nidra.

Join us for the next Yoga Nidra telephone series on February 8. There are still four spots left.  Click here for more information and to register:  http://www.integrationcoaching.com/YogaNidraLevel1February8.html

Blessings ~


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Written by:  Stacy Kamala Waltman
September26, 2010

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Before the heroes journey our laser sharp and strategic mind identifies and postulates experiences outside – intellectually, abstractly and compartmentalized.

Everything neatly in its place constricted, rigid and controlled by repetition and stale, lifeless air.

Synapse grooves deepen becoming more and more entrenched.  Caring for others only when payoff wafts and ego satiated.

Enter Grace; as miraculous intervention.  With veiled eyes her gifts are discarded; valueless.  Our sight on another horizon of glory.

Refusing the rebuke while turning up the heat, Grace stands firm remaining cloaked.  We begin the journey; unawares.  A reluctant traveler still holding on.

Tests accelerate; tackle once depended upon melts as we enter hot swampy depths; tar pits, shadow selves and skeletons abound.

Hell, this must be we decide.  How will we survive?  We can’t possibly deserve this wrath!  After all!…..but the ripening has begun in spite of accelerated protests.

Applying what we know, failing again and again.  We need to become firmer the past demands!  Take hold!  I AM in charge!

Constricting tightly, then inevitable shattering into slivered shards.

Yet Grace still there gently smiling, showers us with fresh new gifts; courage and vision.  A newer and richer life  reflected in those threads of glass.

Light cast in radiant hues.

Vulnerable, scared, hopeless yet brave; new unfamiliar tools slowly hammer within.

Awkwardness increases in direct proportion to vision, vast.  Yesterday’s certainty a dusty mirage.

Beginner’s mind congeals as we traverse this dark night.  Unsteady and staggering we forge anew.

Today’s discomfort fights yesterday’s certainty; battle raging in a field of ambivalence.  To the death each one cries!

One is annihilated, the other truly born.

Grace, like a firefly flickers again with encouragement seen only with vision, clear.

Emerging from the darkened swamp, demons vanquished, black wood drizzled with dappled light; knowledge transmuting.

Wisdom weaves then integrates into cellular memory, the decay giving rise to the bloom.  A blossom rare.

As seasons pass, compassion springs forth from these seeded fields, no longer feigned.

Allowing, letting go, surrendering into interconnectedness. ~

Copyright © 2010 (Stacy Kamala Waltman)

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Professional Transformational Life Coach and Spiritual Intuitive, Stacy Kamala Waltman who specializes in moving past grief in all areas of our lives and into Radical Forgiveness is holding a special teleseminar titled, “Upgrading Your Story”.

“We are a compilation of our stories – which are all untrue – yet the very fact that we repeat them and identify with them makes them very true for us.” ~ Stacy Kamala Waltman

The quality of our life is determined by two things: the level of awareness we bring to each situation and the content of the stories we focus upon. Since we are going to tell stories about our lives, let’s focus upon stories of our abundance and live from that place outward.

In order to do this, we have to retrain ourselves; sometimes daily, sometimes hourly, and often moment by moment because the stories we tell ourselves are embedded into our being on every level including the cellular level.

When we believe negative and self defeating stories about ourselves and draw “evidence” of their truth from our selective perceptions and interpretations, it is very difficult to change our experiences in the world. That is why it is so important to practice seeing with a different vision.  This seminar will help train you to look through and interpret life through a new life enhancing lens.

Having been on the spiritual path for over 30 years, Stacy Kamala Waltman brings clarity and a laser like precision to her courses honed through advanced study, living these principles and deep refinement.

This teleseminar will be a four week course held each Tuesday evening from 7:00 – 8:00pm PST, beginning on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 thru Tuesday, November 2, 2010.

This teleseminar event meets up via telephone and there will be some homework.

To calculate your time zone, please visit this resource:  http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock

Space is limited to the first 8 participants!

This four week series is only $88. 

To register, please visit the following PayPal link – this allows secure payment through all credit cards or via checking account:


Please email the PayPal confirmation page to:  ic@integrationcoaching.com so that we can send you the conference number and access code to this life changing teleseminar!

To your abundant happiness,

Stacy Kamala Waltman

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By Stacy Kamala Waltman
March 1, 2008

Would love to have your opinions, ideas and stories (books, people you know, reference materials, etc.) on actual examples of how to develop a successful business and infuse it with spiritual principles.

  • What are spiritual principles when it comes to running an effective business in this day and age?
  • How do we authentically survive as a sole proprietor or limited partnership of a spiritual business model that isn’t based upon greed and/or fear and competition in the business world?

There seems to be a lot of examples in both camps but very few integrated examples representing both sides.

Some of the questions I am pondering include:

  1. How do we compensate (or not) for referrals?
  2. How do we discount to those who appear to be in need and yet be fair to all?
  3. Are trade dollars the exact same equivalent of hard money or is there more leeway with trade dollars?
  4. When is it appropriate to give our services freely and when are we not being good business people to go down this road?
  5. How do we demonstrate charity instead of welfare?

I always liked to look at the interconnected angles to these questions and in this case, I love the wonderful analogy of the tree. 

As long as the tree is taken care of; it is watered, has sun, the bees are pollinating, the worms are irrigating, and everything is contributing to the well being of the tree: the tree will provide abundant fruit. 

As a result of being taken care of by an invisible web of support, the fruit is there for all to enjoy and be nourished by.  The tree does not give its fruit to those who are worthy ~ it gives to all ~ beggar, thief, holy person, and all sentient beings.

Because it is nourished by an interconnected system of caretakers, the tree will produce an abundance of fruit and if there aren’t enough beings to take the produce, the excess crop falls off the branches and onto the ground.

As long as there are enough creatures to take the grounded morsels and there isn’t too much excess that lies rotting on the ground, the decomposing fruit eventually re-circulates back to the tree as nourishment. 

However, if the tree were to hoard its fruit – waiting for only the worthy to taste it or holding back for those who could pay for it – the overabundance of fruit – its gifts – would rot and the tree would eventually suffocate- it would die from its excess.

In my business, I have looked at referrals and their contribution to my success and exposure as an opportunity to show gratitude for people who are taking the time to remember me and pass my spiritual business information along.

If someone refers a potential client to me and that referred individual actually signs up for one of my programs, I send the referrer a gift as a show of my appreciation and gratitude. 

I also have the following mechanism in place:  when I have six full paying clients, I offer two half price scholarships as well as one full scholarship.

In service to the community, I also write this BLOG.  The aim of this venue is that its contents may nourish some people in the world.  There is a cost to me in the aspect of my time and a small charge by WordPress.  

I also give free monthly talks.  Do I give too much?  I don’t know.  I seek a balance of serving all of the people who need my services regardless of their place in the economic pyramid and having the financial ability to participate in a simple yet abundant life.

Sometimes I have created a waiting list for those who couldn’t pay and when one scholarship program ended, it became time for another to fill the spot.

At this stage in my life, I am always looking for opportunities to give what I have in excess.  When I was 18 or 19 years old, Swami Satchidananda told me, “Kamala, don’t hoard the pens.”  At the time I was hand-drawing mandalas and coloring them in beautiful colors.  

Back then, (just a couple of years ago), I had very little in terms of excess and thought, “What in the world is he talking about?  He must think I’m someone else because I don’t have anything!”  I am still contemplating this teaching from this enlightened master.

Today, I feel my energy circulating by making a living and still having compassion for others by offering my programs to them at a level they can afford.

One of my favorite children’s books found offered on my website under Resources and then Children’s Bookshttp://www.integrationcoaching.com/resources.htm is:  The Quiltmaker’s Gift (Hardcover) by Jeff Brumbeau (Author), Gail De Marcken (Illustrator). 

You can also find it here:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/0439309107?tag=wwwintegratio-20&camp=14573&creative=327641&linkCode=as1&creativeASIN=0439309107&adid=0QMAD3Y6Q3KBRAWA5J6E&

I love its story about the freedom of giving and the detriments of hoarding.

However, I’ve had some spiritual colleagues who have a different point of view from mine which are posted here (I don’t know how accurate any of their comments are):  

“When  I look at how some of the gurus like Gurumayi, Ama, Shree Ma, Gangaji, Maharishi, Swamini Mayatitananda and Sai Ma handle referrals to their businesses it was pretty much the same answer. They really heavily on word of mouth but they never compensate in any way for referrals.”

And this from another individual. 

“I think the issue of referrals is interesting. It never occurred to me to be compensated for referring business to a certain place. I have sent plenty of people to this business, but I do it because I want the business to thrive and the community to grow and the people to get benefit. And selfishly, if this business thrives, then I can continue to get benefit too. Building community is based on referral – I have referred my doctor, my dentist, my attorney, my accountant, etc, etc. I have never been compensated financially, but I have been compensated by the sense that the community is stronger as a result.”

What are your thoughts on these subjects?

  1.  How do we authentically survive as a sole proprietor or limited partnership of a spiritual business model that isn’t based upon greed and/or fear and competition in the business world?
  2. How do we compensate (or not) for referrals?
  3. How do we discount to those who appear to be in need and yet be fair to all?
  4. Are trade dollars the exact same equivalent of hard money or is there more leeway with trade dollars?
  5. When is it appropriate to give our services freely and when are we not being good business people to go down this road?
  6. How do we demonstrate charity instead of welfare?
  7. What are spiritual principles when it comes to running an effective business in this day and age?

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Author:  Stacy Kamala Waltman



There are portals (doorways) everywhere my dream showed me last night.

Each portal will take us into a different reality.  We simply have to want to go into another actuality and then, remove all of the things that attach us to our current existence.

I stood in front of the closed door that would take me where I wanted to go and before opening the portal took off every piece of attachment to my current state that I did not want as if it were clothing.   

Finding it fascinating that while some things were easy to let go of, other, more subtle components were difficult to remove – testing how true my thoughts were that I wanted to move on into a different experience.  Yearning to be in a different pattern yet wanting to do or say one more thing regarding this attached situation before I would be able to let it go.  How committed was I to letting go of this mental pattern?

Would it always be like this – wanting to do or say one more thing – in a never ending vortex – always standing in front of a closed door on the edge of where I wanted to go – never crossing the threshold?  How many other patterns are gripping me in this same way?  I am dreaming and hope to remember this awareness when I wake up in the morning.  This dream is a lucid one.  The pieces are connecting in a picture puzzle and not hopping around like so many other dreams.  I will remember this one.

My higher self said, “Just let it go.  These things that you want to do now don’t matter in your new place. You don’t have to do or say anything to make an old situation right.  Wanting to do one more thing will always keep you engaged.  Stop the tendency now.  Just take off the last remnants of this situation and walk through the door.  You will have everything you need on the other side.  It’s not your job to worry.  Trust.  It is that easy.”   

Oh…this is the understanding or experience of the teachings I thought I understood.  This is beyond the intellect; the pure essence of that experience. 

I had thought I understood this concept before this dream and now realize that I had previously only understood its façade. 

We simply need to walk through the portal naked and on the other side there will be clothes for us to put on.  It is that simple.  We will be provided with everything we need.

My dream said, when you awaken, remove all traces of those things which are not bringing you joy.  Remove all of their energy from your current existence. 

If the things you need to eliminate from your life have monetary value, understand that monetary value is someone else’s valuation.  It is not yours.  It is erroneous.

My dream encouraged me to put a high price on the things which bring peace and have good memories.  Its message also said not to let anyone else tell me what has value!  Be more inner directed my dream said.

I had thought I had understood these lessons too but now see subtle areas where I have allowed outside influences to determine the value of some events. These hidden areas were beyond my radar – before this dream shed its light.

What can we let go of today that will allow us to walk through the portal(s) into our more elevated experience?



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 Here is an excerpt from the book, The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist: 


Buddha told his followers that whatever they chose to give their attention, their love, their appreciation, their listening, and their affirmation to would grow in their life and in their world. 

He likened one’s life and the world to a garden ~ a garden that calls for sunlight and nourishment and water to grow.

In that garden are the seeds of compassion, forgiveness, love, commitment, courage and all the qualities that affirm and inspire us.

Alongside those seeds and in the same garden are the seeds of hatred, the seeds of prejudice, the seeds of vengeance, the seeds of violence, and all the other hurtful, destructive ways of being.

These seeds and many more like them exist in the same garden.  The seeds that grow are the seeds we tend with our attention.

Our attention is like water and sunshine, and the seeds we cultivate will grow and fill our garden. 

If we choose to invest our attention in the seeds of scarcity ~ acquisition, accumulation, greed, and all that springs from those seeds ~ then scarcity is what will fill the space of our life and the space of our world. 

If we tend the seeds of sufficiency with our attention, and use our money like water to nourish them with soulful purpose, then we will enjoy that bountiful harvest.


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The book, Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill is an incredible outline of principles that apply to all areas of life – not just the financial arena. 

Originally written in the mid 1950’s this book has the seeds of many modern day thinkers. In fact, according to it’s authors, echoes of Hill’s principles can be found in books by people as diverse as Wally “Famous” Amos, Mary Kay Ash, Ken Blanchard, Chicken Soup for the Soul authors, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, Shakti Gawain, John Gray, Tommy Lasorda, Art Linkletter, Joan Lunden, Brian Tracey, Lillian Vernon, Anthony Robbins, Deepok Chopra, Steven Covey and others.

Hill sites a six stage process to obtain your desires:

1) Fix and hold in your mind exactly what you want. The ancient yogi’s call this “singleness of purpose”.  Today’s language uses the word, focus. 

2) Determine exactly what you intend to give so that you are both in a giving and receiving state. The ability to let go of expectations is part of the releasing aspect.  Coaching can help you manage the balance between keeping your thoughts energized and letting go of overly specific results.

3) Establish a definite date when you intend to manifest your desire.

4) Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put your plan into action.

5) Write out in a clear, concise statement, your desire, what you intend to give in return and clearly describe the plan through which you intend to acquire your desire.

6) Read your written statement aloud, twice daily. Read it just before retiring at night, and read it once after arising in the morning. As you read; see, feel and believe yourself already in the place you are envisioning.

At a time when the notion of our thoughts holding vibrational power was not popular or believed, Swami Sivanada wrote, “Thought Power” in 1887. This book is steeped in yogic tradition reminding us of ancient teachings that have been in our midst throughout history.

Long before yoga became mainstream, many spiritual masters taught that these teachings which have been passed along throughout generations are “a very old wine packaged in a variety of fresh new bottles”.

This week, be conscious of what you let into your environment. The energies of people, programs, gatherings, objects, etc. affect your vibration. 

If you journal, be conscious of the habit of only writing about what you don’t like or want to experience.  Retrain yourself to write ONLY about what you appreciate and value.  What you focus upon expands in direct proportion to the amount of time you spend on it. 

Your focus is your emotional currency.  Spend your currency on thoughts and feelings that enrich your life instead of those that drain your energy and reinforce a negative mind-set.

If you have set specific goals for yourself, make a concerted effort to only surround yourself with those energies that are in alignment with your aspirations.

Take yourself seriously and surround yourself with people that enhance your sense of well being and are like-minded.

If you would like to learn more about the power of your thoughts, please feel free to contact me at ic@integrationcoaching.com.

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